Top reasons to choose Resolut MRM

  • We have strong references with long term relations with our Customers.

  • We deliver a great product with a great design and with a fast implementation.

  • We do implementation and perform operations with own, experienced staff.

  • We have a proven, well-established product and a solid customer base.

  • We deliver to +110 strong and well-known brands.

  • We have + 85 000 users of the tools.

  • We have 67 000 unique login monthly but less than 40 support errands weekly.

  • We have delivered our marketing product suite since 2001.

  • Resolut MRM, Marketing Resource Management, is a gold mine for customers that would like to streamline their marketing processes and working in a geographical spread organization.

  • We have a highly experienced team.

  • We have the right price, the enthusiasm and motivation.

  • We love our Customers.

  • We are a company with ambition.

  • We have premium brands as customers in North America and are about to establish own sales there. We have partners in the UK.

  • We deliver to most of the larger banks in the Nordics. 3 out of 4 of the largest.

  • We deliver a Marketing Toolbox to 17 of largest 20 automotive brands.

  • We have customers using our tools worldwide.

  • We have more than 16 years of experiences from central and local perspective.

  • Our tools are easy-to-use.

  • We are easy to work with.

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