Resolut MRM implementation makes Customer beats record with 58 high-fives


When we read out loud the below email from Coca-Cola Enterprises for our colleagues everyone started applauding and felt extra proud to work at Resolut.

Read the mail from Helena M, Coca-Cola Enterprise to see why.

“Pjuh! Now I have presented the tool and had training for sales staff at our conference. A total of 58 sales reps have been included and they tested the tool. The response was hugely positive.

I had to do “high-five” with all sellers in a conference seating and it has never happened before. Very fun and of course all these gestures was for you at Resolut.

We are so pleased with what you have delivered and that we managed to get everything in order in the summer despite the holiday season is really a feat and had never been feasible without your enormous flexibility, knowledge and quick ability to find solutions. We are so happy !!! Thanks!

Talk to you soon! // Helena

Helena Moller, Senior Manager Shopper Marketing Cold,
Coca-Cola Enterprises.”

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