Tools and technique streamlines marketing processes, but real change needs to be done by people.

A list of Organizational hurdles to handle if you would like to

create an efficient marketing process. 

Experiences behind the list

The list is coming from my experiences working directly or indirectly with well over 100 organizations with strong brands, for example Audi, BMW, SEB, Siemens Mobile, Swedbank and Toyota. I have done this as a passionate entrepreneur and CEO of Resolut for 17 years. Resolut is a tech-company delivering marketing tools for streamlining marketing processes starting year 2000 and today with 80 000 users.



I have the privilege of meeting Customers from a wide array of industries, organizations, positions and with different company cultures. They all have a goal to streamline their processes but there are always one or many hurdles for them to overcome first. There are always an organization behind the person I talk to. What processes am I talking about? The processes that makes life for the marketing department´s people more easy all the way to the geographical spread organizations perifer. The later can be a single dealer, franchisee or office that sells the brands products or services.

To whom do I talk to? Usually the organizations people responsible for marketing.


Why put it in a list.

Lack of processes, or bad processes is a struggle for everyone. It´s a waste. The costs is high, both monetarily and people wise. The organizations Product Life Cycles are becoming shorter and shorter and it´s even more important today to spread the message throughout the value chain all the way to Customers even faster than yesterday. Everything that can make life more easy in this field is welcome.

I would like to share some of the findings I have made. I hope the list will be useful for you. Included is what I picked up when meeting Customers together with my experiences and discussions with my colleagues in Sweden and in the US, from partners in the Nordics, Italy, UK and US and also from the potential Customers leads I have meet over time.
Read the list below and nod when you agree or get a feeling of being satisfied when you think “already in place”.

  • Many organizations end users are too dependent on the Marketing Department.


  • Marketing Department are too few comparing to what they are expected to do and usually highly dependent on other parties.


  • Make sure your organization owns the necessary processes. Sometimes the dependence on third party organizations is higher than it should be. It could be IT-vendors, Advertising Agencies, Media planners or Print Houses.


  • There are usually few clear documented processes relating to brand- identity and activity planning. Of course this is not the case in your organization. Or?


  • Follow-up and performance related processes are time consuming for everyone and the process is more on-off and time consuming instead of structured, documented and fast.


  • Visual and Corporate identity is often advised by third parties, or in several different applications.


  • Brand Manual material are still for many organizations provided manually and Assets are out dated and in different format than needed.


  • The organizations are constantly lacking the right images. Even if there is a large amount available it´s hard to find the right image, or collateral, for the user.


  • Customer tells us their organization is IT-tired due to former experiences, long implementations, high costs and tools that are not simple to use or doesn´t streamline the processes the customer have or need.


  • Due to tight deadlines, marketing collateral is produced all over the organizations network but do not comply with brand identity and are also lacking consistency.


  • “We and them” thinking. I believe you recognize this weather it´s from your own organization or from your experience. We at the marketing department. “Them” as the organizations resellers.


  • There can be a perception that the costs of design and advertising are high. This since there is no measurable method of comparing cost versus effectiveness.


  • The process of follow-up on Budget, Sales and Market support funding requires a lot of excel work throughout the organization.


  • Few processes are automatized and there a lot of potential by implementing marketing tech tools and especially a MRM since it provides an infrastructure for the organization.


  • and a few more…


Breathe out! Now you are through the list.

Maybe all of these hurdles very clear for you already?

It´s easy to say “work more streamlined and use more marketing tech tools.” I have never believed that the tools for streamlining marketing processes have the built in powers to change processes or cultural behavior.

Technique is good and helps streamlining processes,

but what´s necessary is peoples involvement on a daily basis.

Day by day and all year round. 



Please contact me if you would like to comment or discuss the content above. Of course you are also welcome if you would like to know how to benefit from using tools as Resolut MRM in order to streamline your processes.

Either I or my colleagues in Stockholm, Sweden or in Fairfield. NJ, US, or partners in the Nordics, Milan Italy, London UK and New York US will help you implementing the Powerful and Simple to use MRM tools from Resolut.


Jonas Wärn, CEO and Co-founder of Resolut

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