Two major providers in Scandinavia join forces

Closing the deal. Jonas Wärn, CEO, Resolut. Gunnar Larsen, CEO, BrandMaster.    

“After 20 years developing and providing marketing- and brand management solutions, we wanted to find the right partner that reflected and shared our values for our employees, customers and products to grow with internationally and continue our fantastic journey with.

During this process, we found BrandMaster to match us perfectly and joining them felt natural. Taking on the future together enables two strong brands to secure a solid position in the international and the domestic market. We will grow together and become even more efficient and productive, which is beneficial for current and future customers and of course for our personnel., says Jonas Wärn, CEO, Resolut.

Together, the companies take a strong grip of the Nordic market while leveraging complementary geographic footprints for accelerated international expansion. Resolut is headquartered in Stockholm and in 2016 established an office in the US in order to support its growth plans in the North American market, the largest globally. Brandmaster is a fast-growing developer and provider of MRM systems, with a leading position on the Norwegian market and a rapidly growing international presence.

BrandMaster and Resolut will continue business as usual, whilst continuously exploring the possibilities of enhanced industry experience and know-how.

Read the full Pressrelease on the Brandmaster site here




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